Hi all.

I am about to install DsFW into my tree. This is a limited test environment, not my production servers. We want to move our Blackberry environment to BES 10 and the BB10 phones, hence the DsFW route.

For my production environment I currently have Netware 6.5 SP8 as my main file server, with Groupwise 8 SP3 running on it. GW is connected wtih BES 5 for 10 or so blackberries. I have a second Netware server (same patch level) for archival file storage and a 3rd server, SLES 10, running OES 2 and Quickfinder. We do not have DNS server set up.

My test environment is just a replica of the first Netware server described above. So far (after a few attempts), I have successfully installed DsFW on SLES 11-OES 11 in the test environment.

However, I was unsure of what information I should be providing in several of the steps and so was wondering if someone could point out any 'gotchas' that I am unaware of before I attempt this on my production environment.

For instance, at the common user proxy input screen, the password is already filled in. What is this password and should I change it? Or, I have a CA in my network already, should I allow the install to create another during the install (at least I think that is what it's doing)?

I also wanted to install Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility pack on the same server as DsFW. I haven't been able to find anything that says I can't but wanted to be sure.

Scott Schaffer