I currently have a Netware 6.5 sp8 dns server and an OES11 DNS server. As I am migrating way from Netware (tough to do because it simply works!) I have moved all of my dhcp and dns over to the OES11 box with the Netware box as a backup. I need to shut down this open dns for obvious reasons. But when I turn recursion to off, my workstations loose dns.

I would like to set my network up to use the OES11 box as a primary dns and the Netware box to secondary. I have a few questions.
Disable recursion
what settings do I configure the SLES network card dns to? Do I point them to my isp DNS or does sles need to be pointed to itself?
when I set recursion to "no" how do I allow my workstations, on multiple vlans use the server for DNS?

Does there need to be a forwarder?