I was wondering if there is like an idiot's guide anywhere for exporting
Group Policies from one ZCM system to another.

I've created a set of policies for one system and I would like to be able to
use them in another system.

I found that using:

zman policy-export-to-file /policies/POLICY_NAME policy_name.xml --host
ZCM_host -U admin_user -P admin_password gave me two xml files.

ie policy_name.xml and policy_name_ActionContentInfo.xml

I can't figure out how to create/import them into my other system.

Am I on the right track and if so how to do I do the create in the other

I've tried various attempts using zman pc but I can't get the syntax
correct. I think I might have gotten close when it asked for user name and
password but then failed with some about the action file.

Stumped! :-(