my env: a PC with local ZCM-Partition(sda1,150MB) and one W7 Partition on sda2. No separate Boot-Part from W7. Make an image and restore it from a USB-Device, all works fine(process is about 30 minutes). I use the latest tntfs.ko.

Then I delete all partitions and create 2 new ntfs-partitions with img -pc..., mount sda3 and copy the zmg-file to this second partition(sda3).

I try to restore this local image to the first partition with "img -rl xxx.zmg ap=a11". During this process I can see, that the target-partition mount to /mnt/sda2 and I can to access to some text-files for test, its work.
The imaging process is now only 20 minutes, fine. After finish the img-process /mnt/sda2 disappear,ok. If I mount the restored partition I can see with "ls -l" only corrupt dirs with many "??????" and IO-errors from the ls command. Grub cannot boot this and stops to boot W7 also with a File IO-Error.

Where is my mistake ?

Many thanks Heiko