I've tried several times to configure the iPrint appliance from scratch, and keep getting a consistent error. The Default "print_manager" object is created successfully, but is not loading properly. If I try to manage the default print_manager in iManager, I get the following error:

Exception reading manager information
Error Request (SERVER_ERROR) - bad status code (0x500)
IPP Error: 0x500

Also, when attempting to create a printer, I get the following:

Error Error: Create Printer Failure
Print Manager print_manager.iPrintAppliance is not loaded.
It must be loaded to create a new Printer Agent.
Select the Manage Print Manager task to load.

This is not related to accepting the SSL certificate, I've already done that. Clearly from the documentation, I cannot create a new print manager, I have to use the one created for me on install. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.