Hello to the community!

I currently have a big problem in migration to a new storage. I'm using a 4node cluster with oes11sp1 (sles11 sp2). I want to use the nlvm command for migration, which works perfect for most of all volumes/pools. But with one pool I had a problem. The problem began years before; the guy who was the master-support-guy for novell here at our company (at netware times). He created 6 Lun's at the storage with 10 TB (2, 2, 1, 0.8, 2, 2.2). But - as we know - nss only supports 8 TB. So the Luns are bigger than the pool or volume. If I try now to migrate with "nlvm move Poolname device=LUN_New_storage size=8t" I got the answer: Error 23316: List total size was smaller than pool size. The Lun on the new storage had 8 TB, initialized with GPT. If I try to extend the Lun size on the new storage to the same size that it had on the old storage, I got the same error. How could I solve this problem? The volume also had a DST-volume, which I moved with no problem.

Please help!