I just want to check the functionality of the 'Additional DNS Name' Infrastructure setting on a Primary server...

This is an offshoot from https://forums.novell.com/novell-pro....html#poststop but is probably worth it's own thread (I will return to other with more findings once full testing completed!)

So, it would seem that this is something the device needs to have been told about in advance to work... From the doc
The Additional DNS Names panel lets you specify additional names that can be used to access the
ZENworks Server when the serverís DNS name cannot be found by a device.
The DNS names added in this panel are distributed to all managed devices for them to use in
connecting to the server.


This makes logical sense as you can't really have a server saying "yeah, go on trust me even though there is a certificate/fqdn mismatch"

However, the issue I am trying to address is that of devices who haven't recently been connected (refreshed) i.e. can't know about the server fqdn and/or server certificate change...

It seems these end up in the mismatch scenario and a 'zac retr' is required to re-establish trust.

Is this correct?