I have had this issue at three consecutive sites of late. All in the process of doing transfer id of OES2sp3 to OES11sp1. Each server also has been a DNS/DHCP server as well. I am basically shutting down those services beforehand, and doing the transfer id. All prerequisites have been done beforehand, and the pre checks and health checks pass fine. The process hangs all three times on the last part on the LUM transfer. It simplys hangs on the process and want finish. I actually opened an SR on one of the boxes the first time and Novell had me kill the process to let it finish. Problem is that is fouls up the LDAP and SSL certs and all of it has to be done manually afterwards. If this was one site I would let it ride, but since I have had three separate customers who I ran into this issue on each one makes me feel something else is going on. Now, this is the first times I have done transfer id going to OES11sp1. I have done many going from NetWare and OES2 to OES11, so not sure if issue in OES11sp1?? Anyway, just thought I would see if anyone else had run into this issue. I have more to do this year so would like to know what is causing this issue.