Well, not sure how to describe this, but I'll try.
ZCM 11.2.3a. Installed on some devices OpenVPN msi client soft for accessing university network from outside (this conf etc. is out of my reach, using conf-file and cert from uni IT dept). Tried this here at my site and seems to when user is starting VPN-connection ZCM server does "see" and accept device ok. But ... when users do this from some unknown location (VPN "says" connected) I see this device appear at least for ping in local area network (different subnet, though), but ZCM server ... can't "see" it, I mean, no (new) IP appear in ZCC for this device. Even from server device I can ping this device. Yes, hard to tell, because I don't know in which state is agent on device, but shouldn't server recognize new IP and show it via ZCC? I know, not much info, but maybe ... ?
More thanks, Alar.