Somehow my iprint server has crashed again. Some printers are working fine. Others are showing either stopped or processing. Error messages in messages show:
SMLoadModule: the iPrint Manager was not able to exec Gateway module /opt/novell/iprint/bin/iprintgw for Printer Agent Library-laser. Error (13 - Permission denied) returned while doing execl().

for at least one of the printers that show processing. Any new printer objects that I create show the same behaviour. ndsrepair shows no errors. Ive checked permissions on the iprint directorys and an ls -la shows avahi user and iprint group. If I do a chown iprint for a file, it still shows avahi. If I doe a uname iprint it comes back avahi. Im not sure if permissions has gotten hosed. Ive googled around and cant find anything. Server has 68 printers running and supports a couple hundred users. In short HELP.