I hope I've put this problem in the right spot here, we are currently having quite a few problems with our ZCM, it was working pretty well a month ago, but now our devices are only able to pickup bundles from our single Satellite, and when it does it seem to work perfectly. We have 2 primary servers which seem to not be able to serve out our bundles. The bundle section in Zenworks properties is blank. Otherwise, it all seem normal, it's got policies and updating device information fine.

In the device logs I'm getting a lot of these errors: (one for each bundle I guess)
[ERROR] [08/13/2013 11:56:07.314] [1508] [ZenworksWindowsService] [9] [] [BundleManager] [BUNDLE.CouldNotAddBundle] [Could not add bundle 4e1c2c68c4eeb865048abbca46a4ca41 to session] [] []

The Satellite is on a separate subnet/vlan to the 2 primary servers and when we install the ZCM agent on the subnet with the satellite, everything works perfectly, but when we do the same on the subnet with the primary servers, it's when all the bundles are not visible.

Any suggestions would be appreciated