I have a two-node OES2 SP3 cluster, using open-iscsi and dm-multipath. Trying to figure out the best way to do the upgrade, and making sure I have the evms vs. nlvm differences accounted for.

I'm going to be upgrading this to OES11 SP1 (planning on doing an offline upgrade on each cluster node in turn. They're not completely up-to-date, and it seems like an offline upgrade is the least likely to run into problems). We're migrating from HP Lefthand to HP 3PAR storage, and I want the nlvm move functionality.

One concern I have is the way that nlvm handles the "duplicate" devices vs. evms, and I want to make sure that I understand how this applies to a dm-multipath/iscsi environment.


Currently, I've got the system set up so that dm-multipath (in the /etc/multipath.conf file) has a device blacklist that excludes the local disk array controller (by having a devnode "^cciss!c[0-9]d[0-9].*" line in the file). I then concocted an entry for our HP Lefthand array that works.

As a result, /sys/blockl/dm-0 up to /sys/block/dm-whatever exist, as well as in /dev

The /etc/evms.conf file has an include on * and an exclude on cciss/c0d0, again, excluding the local disk. Further down, under sysfs_devices, I've got include = [dm-* ] specified.


It looks like, from what I've been reading, that the dm-multipath part shouldn't change much. However, from what I've been gathering, it looks like nlvm needs to be told to exclude the sd* versions of the devices, so I've got to do that manually in the nlvm.config file, as in TID 7010741.

I'm thinking that the best procedure is to initially bring each cluster node up with the iscsi network interfaces disabled on the switches, manually edit the nlvm.conf to 'Exclude devices=sd*', do all the post-OES11 SP1 updates, and then restart again, enabling the iscsi interfaces before the server comes up. It'll join the cluster (hopefully) and after confirming that things are working, I can move resources over and upgrade the second node.

Does this make sense? Every time I've gone to look at this, I've had the feeling that I'm missing something. I'm also going to have to add the appropriate 3PAR entries to the multipath.conf file and do the various iscsiadm commmands, but that's pretty straightforward.