Hi all its that time of year again when I am moving teachers around to different schools. Yesterday I moved about 10 with no problem but 2 gave me a d70e duplicate entry error. One of the two I know I have moved before so I suspect something went wrong last time and I didnt notice but the other one was created in my building 2 yrs ago and is now moving to a school so Im stumped both with what happened and how to fix it. The first user I managed to get back to her original post office and it looks ok now but Im a little leary of trying again.

The second one is stuck now like this:

the master domain thinks the user is in the original post office but has operations pending so I cant do anything with her (although c1 shows no pending operations or moves on that domain).

the source domain shows her in the source po with the d70e error (which I have tried to clear but seems to come back)

the destination domain shows her in the dest po greyed out

I have tried following TID 7005789 but i am not sure what to do at step 6, do I remove the users email account completely and then re-create it with the same fid or am I missing something. Without doing the last step Im in the same spot I described above.

Can anyone give me some advice on what to do/try next?