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Thread: Invalid Pointer in Object API with .NET

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    Invalid Pointer in Object API with .NET


    I am reading GroupWise archives with Object API in C# .NET.
    I have a Windows Application project that does the business logic, and a WPF project for GUI stuff.

    when I run my Windows App project, it works fine, however when I run my project from GUI I get an error "An invalid pointer was used" on this line of code:

    Account archAcc = (acc as Account6).GetArchiveAccount();

    I can run my Windows App both with STA and MTA threading modes, but the WPF imposes STA mode.

    I have tried writing my code in many ways for reading archives including BackgroundWorker, Async Programming, running on a new thread, running from UI dispatcher thread but have the same problem.

    anyone have any idea on this?
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