I work for a school system and one of the request we had from our Learning Center is to start each account with 405 then the username. so the username would look like 405jsmith. One of the big complaints this location had was that the new students coming in always failed to log in until the computer tech stopped by to create a local account. The hole point to the DLU was to not need this.

After some troubleshooting I removed the 405 portion of the users account and tried the login again. No issues... The account logged in with the DLU doing what is was suppose to do. I placed the 405 back on the beginning of the account, making sure the local account was no longer in place, and once again the account failed to properly use DLU.

I had the computer tech change the account to remove the 405 on the accounts since this wasn't what I had in place in the first place. I prefer to keep all student accounts looking the same.

I am just wondering if anyone else has seen this issue? Wondering if this doesn't become a big deal until a certain number of accounts have this type of setup or if I am seeing a bug.