Hi All

When a message has an attached WAV file (ie: from the voice mail system) you get a PLAY link instead of VIEW. If you click on the PLAY link, instead of the file playing, it just brings up a window with gobbledygook such as:

RIFF��WAVEfmt @@data����}}}��������������}��� �}��}�������������}����}��}�}��}�����}������������ ����}}�}����}���������}}�����������}�������}����}� �}�}�{�}}�}��{�}}�}��}��{��{�}�{��{�}}�}��{��{ �{}�}��}�}��{��}�{��y��}�y��w�w�w��v�}z�w��v�}{�w ��w�}{�w��w�{{�w��v�{|�w��w�}{�w��u�{y�u��v� }

If you click the file name all plays fine after you tell the OS what to open it with. It obviously doesn't know what to do with the file when you click PLAY.

I have tried editing the webacc.cfg and added WAV to the Document.View.excludeDocExtensions section, but the PLAY link still appears.

Any ideas what else I can do to either get the PLAY link working or remove it completely.

With thanks