I am running 6 Suse oes2 servers and one windows 2008r2
for zcm server that I just setup a couple of weeks ago.
These servers are up and in operation now.
Everything seems to be working great except for ftp. I have not
done any configurations on pure ftpd until today.

I am having problems getting pure ftpd to work.

1. I can login to my account but students cant.
When I login I simply use my user name. i.e. jdoe and it works.
when I do the same for students I get
"503 Login Authentication failed"
I have tried "jsmith" and "jsmith.students" same results.
My account is in a admin context and the student in the "students" context.
Faculty are in the "faculty" context.

2 Even When I can login I cant get my user home dir in EDIR.

3. Every time I login successfully or Un-successfully I have to restart
pure ftpd. If I just simply press enter at the login name same thing
happens. I have to restart ftp.