Hi All,

Can someone please point me in the right direction for achieving the following: -

when imaging a machine with Windows 7, i am finding that the best way to avoid the partition mismatch issues is to perform the following

fdisk /dev/sda
#partition number
#nextpartition number

then commence with "img" and choose the rest via the gui

Would it be possible to create a script with the above results - ie - delete all partitions on the drive, then commence IMG mode where the user can select what image they want to restore?

if so - where do i need to create this script? does it need to be stored somewhere on the Primary servers - so any future imaging satellites pick it up?

I'm guessing for future proofing i would need a logic statement in there to query how many partitions the drive has?

Our setup is Zenworks 10.3.3 on Windows Servers

Thanks in advance!