Been looking for a solution to this problem for a long time. Here's the scenario:

ZCM 11.1a (we're upgrading to 11.2.3 at the beginning of Sep)
W7 SP1 Enterprise

Some systems, during startup, give errors right after the Novell ZENworks Agent Service start with errors like this:

Category: LauncherConfiguration Policy Handler Registration Module EXTENSIONUTILS.RegistrationModule.FailedRegistrati onMessage: The following modules could not be registered: launcher configuration policy. The configurations of these types would not be applied on this device.

The messages are for just about each handler.
Usually involves:

  • Windows Group Policy Handler Registration Module
  • Policy Handler Registration Module
  • LauncherConfiguration Policy Handler Registration Module
  • DLU Policy Handler Registration Module
  • Action Handler Registration Module

After the error messages it is very apparent that basically the ZCM agent is not functional and will send errors all day long unless the computer is restarted or the ZCM service is restarted.

Errors appear to be random and do not necessarily return to the same computer on subsequent restarts

I've attempted to keep up with these errors by restarting the services when I see the problem in ZCC, but I'd rather not have to do that. I've also attempted to create a task that will restart the Novell ZENworks Agent Service when this event is detected by making a custom trigger, but I believe the task scheduler is not ready to evaluate the condition since it usually starts up milliseconds before the Novell ZENworks Agent Service.

Anyone else have these kind of issues? Have you found a cure? Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Mostly ZCM works well enough for us, this mostly an annoyance since I know how to work around the issue.