We have iPrint on OES11SP1 working fine.

Then we add Pcounter (last OES version) and immediately it kills the
queues, in count, notify, and subtract from balance mode. (So job is
submitted, op hold, popup asks to confirm, if yes, release and deduct
from eDir Balance (10 cents a page).

On Winders, if we remove the Secure Print (over SSL and auth and ACL
enforcement) it stops crashing it. Ok, everyone is allowed to print to
all these printers, just costs them money. No money, no printey.

As soon as we try from a Mac, we are back to the ipsmd stopping
responding. Need to restart it to get jobs printing.

Nothing that I can see in the logs yet (Went in and set the debug log as
high as it will go) and nothing obvious yet.

Any thoughts?