I have a problem that one of our users brought to my attention. An individual had created an appointment in GroupWise and sent it to several people internally and externally. For some reason, she had to move the appointment to another location. Once it is moved, the external use receive a notification that the "meeting has been cancelled".

Here are her exact words.

"If the meeting room needs to be moved or reassigned to another room or different location the appointment send an email message to external guests stating "the meeting has been cancelled".

We follow the normal procedures of editing the appointment, delete old room & add new room and resend the appointment. The internal COSI employees receive the change without an issue.

This happened to me yesterday and I was not aware until the guests did not show up today and we called to inquire. After speaking with Novell customer service, they told me speak with our IT department concerning the issue and if it is not resolved to open up a ticket with Novell."

I am not sure what exactly can be done in this situation. My only thought would be for her to delete and recreate the appointment with the updated information.

Thank you in advance,