Recently moved our gwia that handles internet email from Netware to Sles
11 GW8.0.3 hp3. Email is moving in and out ok, but I'm getting some
really weird strangeness with Junkmail settings. Just like the old
gwia, this gwia has it's own domain/mta. Postoffices are under
different domains/mta's.

1. Email flagged with "x-spam-flag: yes" is no longer automatically
being moved to the junkmail folder. Yes the box is checked for this
particular's gwia settings, and I've even uncommented it in the gwia.cfg
file to to be sure it's enabled.

2. With the "view" column enabled in the client I can see that normal
email coming in gets set with the tag "internet" Email coming in with
"x-spam-flag: yes" in the header gets set with the tag "IPM.Novell.ND"
If I right click on one these to try to manually set it as junkmail, I
get a message that the message is "Not Eligible for Junk Mail Handling"
and when I click on that a window pops up saying "This is a POP message.
Only internet mail sent to your Groupwise account is eligible for Junk
Mail Handling"

For whatever reason instead of moving the email to the junkmail folder
when the x-spam-flag is set, it changes it to type IPM.Novell.ND and
then the client thinks that it's some sort of POP message instead of an
internet email. If I redirect incoming email back through the old
Netware gwia instead, everything works fine.

What could possibly be going on?