Server crashed the other day - a SLES 11 sp1 XEN host server system with 3 VMs, 2 OES servers (SLES 10 sp3) NSS pools/partitions and 1 pure SLES 11 server. After the crash (due either to power reset or raid controller failure) I had to run fsck to clear up multiple, multiple error conditions on the SLES partitions in order for the servers to reboot. Once booted up, edir and of course NSS would not load. eDir has been recovered and is now running but one of these servers (the one with most all of the data on NSS) is unstable and still has some boot problems. Would the following be a viable option at this point:

1. Take this server out of the tree (if possible)
2. Install fresh, new OES server in a logical drive
3. Join the existing tree
4. Attach the NSS partition to this server
5. Bring up NSS

Any reason why this would not work to get to a stable server that can mount the existing NSS pool/partition? Thanks.