I'm finding the documentation on the TSAFS/GW switches a bit tricky, especially regarding the TSAFSGW /home switch.

For instance, for a NetWareOES 6.5 server, I've seen two examples:

LOAD TSAFSGW /home-MAIL:/<POdir> using a DASH

I've also seen it however with an EQUALS sign:

Which is correct, dash or equals?

Also, every example I've seen includes both a domain and a post office in the /home switches.
1) What if the server I'm backing up only has a post office? .. is it still necessary to point to the domain too? Or just /home-MAIL:\<POdirectory> ?
2) Documentation is also spotty where the domain (as in our case) is on a totally different server. Just pointing straight to a volume doesn't help much there.
(This is moot however if I don't need to point to it for a post office only backup. )

Lastly, I've also seen conflicting versions of the LOAD TSAFS /EnableGW=
Some say:
LOAD TSAFS /EnableGW=yes
others say:
LOAD TSAFS /EnableGW=true

which is right?