I'm on 11.2.3a MU1.

I use bundle groups to assign applications for almost everything in our environment. It saves on a ton of clicking . However, now I'm having issues since 11.2.3a with my lights out bundle groups. I assign a Distribution Schedule of Sun-Sat 12am-6am with WOL and Install Immediately after Distribution. Then I assign an Availability Schedule of Sun-Sat 12am-6am as well. This keeps software that may not have deployed at night from deploying during the day. Once I get a high penetration of installs (~90%) then I have bundle groups that have no availability schedule assigned that allow for the install to happen at any time.

Here is my issue. Any bundle group with an Availability Schedule set will never run. The wake on lan runs just fine, but the workstations will tell me that they failed requirements. If I remove the Availability Schedule from the bundle group, the distribution works just fine. I think something is coded incorrectly in the ZENWorks Agent.

Anyone else have this issue? I'm removing the Availability Schedule from my bundle groups for the time being, but I don't like it because that means I can't contain the installs 100% to lights out delivery. Sure the majority of them will install then, but there is always that chance. Grrr.