I need a great way to export the Zencache from one computer and add it to another so they don't need to download the bundles again....
My problem is that i am going to install new computers in the suburbs where the network speed isn't that good... so if they all need to download the bundles it takes forever !

So i would like to know what would be the best way to carry the bundle with me?

- Can we export bundles for offline purposes (USB Key / HDD )?

- Can we copy bundles from a computer to another ?
I tried to see if the same bundle had the same GUID on differents computers... but it does not...
I also found a database file (mdstatus.db) that seem to be linking the bundle GUID with the local GUID...
Tried copying those files and zencache folder.. still no luck. ( I know... this is not elegant hehe)

- How to make a proxy for bundles only ?
I don't want to have another Satellite just for this Office.

Thank you !