Groupwise server crashed recently (apparently from bad RAID controller, which has been replaced). Server is back up an running now (SLES 10 sp3 VM running under XEN, GW 2012 sp1). Have performed a rebuild on Primary Domain and also on single Post Office. MTA loads OK, as does GWIA but POA fails to come up, giving "Path Not Found - 8209 error" message. Path to WPhost.db is correct both in C1 and in the startup file. When loading POA with --show option, I see the aforementioned error and then when I clear that I see on the screen (for a brief moment):

"Rebuilding Guardian Database because of C0221... please stand by"

Then it terminates and screen disappears.

I know that restoring from backup is one option, but that cannot be done until Monday at the earliest and that, of course, is dependent on having good backups. Therefore, I was wondering if there is a way to fix this problem to get the system back up quicker. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.


P.S. There is only 1 Primary domain and 1 PO in this small GW system and yes, I know, one should have at least 1 secondary domain.