I'm trying to PXE boot a DELL T1700, but had issues with USB3 and recieves the following error and the Desktop freezes:
pci:v00008086d00008C31sv00008086sd00002052bc0Csc03 i30' unexpected exit with status 0x0009
where hardware ID belongs to USB 3.0 compatible controller.
I managed to get around this by adding "brokenmodules=xhci-hcd" into the start parameters. Now the network is not reconized and I managed to boot from CD and get to the bash a record network card information using "hwinfo --netcard" and adding newid="VendorID DeviceID, Driver" for the secific card. Now the Desktop boots, and If I do a hwinfo --netcard it will show that the Intel E1000E driver is loaded, however I'm unable to get an IP address. If I try to assing a IP manually using dhcpcd or ifoconfig it will say that the eth0 eth1 and is unknown.

Any ideas?