I have a bundle which runs an MSI installer directly from a share on OES2 file server. This is quite a big MSI (1 GB) and it sometimes launches twice for no obvious reason, first time when you click on the shortcut as you would expect, then when this has been running for a while (usually 2-3 minutes although I haven't timed it), it launches the installer again, as though the initial attempt failed and it is retrying. The first instance continues to install, the second generates an error as it can't start properly due to the first one. The user then gets confusing messages saying that it has failed if you cancel this second instance, messy. It is definitely the same installer which it is attempting to launch again, and I am definitely not clicking on it twice. Has anyone else seen this? I'm wondering if there is some sort of timeout in the Zen which is waiting for an output from msiexec, as the initial install takes quite a long time to get going, perhaps performing a cache prior to the install?

My workaround is to copy the msi file to the local machine and launch from there, but knowing why it does this would be very handy.