I got the Error: "The content is not yet available to download" in two situations. (ZenWorks 11.2.3.a)

1. System Update. Downloaded aug 2013 PRU some days ago. Status: "Zone Pre-Update Actions "
Action "deplay pru now" brings: "This update is not downloaded or not available for Deployment."
but all our 2 Servers have the PRU (Replication Status 100%)

2. msi bundle. Error: "There is an error in cached information for id bundle-name "The content is not yet available to download."
But this bundle works on 2 machine but failed on 3 others.

I dont know what do do now?

I can wait until september PRU for the first Problem, maybe! But the second Problem? Which cache has the Problem, the server cache, bun why one machine works? The local cache? Maybe also waiting some days?