I am not sure if I am having a massive issue with the Print Drivers provided by Ricoh for the Aficio SP 5100n Printer or if something else is going on. I have had several people report that they are getting RPC failure messages when they attempt to install the printer. I usually can get the printers working again by doing a net start "Print Spooler" but the process is a manual one for me. And the end user has to wait until I get to them.

In reading the documentation it shows that a preference towards Post Script type drivers exists although the PCL 5 & 6 drivers are capable as well. Should I be looking at moving to the post script driver provided by Ricoh to resolve this issue? Is there anyone else running Ricoh printers that might have a resolution or suggestion to help me with this. My migration from my OES11 iPrint solution to the iPrint Appliance has been a nightmare. I can't say that iPrint has failed but the print drivers and installing/updating the print drivers have caused more problems then I expected.

A side Note: When I did the MIGGUI for my printer migration all the information other then the print drivers migrated correctly. The print driver migration failed repeatedly so I opted to just update the driver store with the new print drivers since I am only looking at about 32 printers and around 4 different printer types. It seems like the 5100n is the big headache at this point although it is also my largest printer base.

Thanks for the assistance!