I have started to look at different options for my personal laptop and was wanting to take a strong look at moving over to a Linux (SLED) client workstation so that I can better learn the Linux side of things. I currently have a Windows 7 Pro desktop for backups, configs, and general system management. I also have a older laptop that I started playing with Windows 8 Pro on. Not a big fan of Windows 8 so am looking at SLED as a replacement and then run VMs of the different OS's that I do manage. I noticed during my review that Novell no longer supports a GroupWise Linux Client. I am not sure I am wanting to use Thunderbird for a client and can work with the web access if need be. (Thunderbird have the same functionality as the windows clients?)

I have two questions. For those that have done what I am trying to do. What did you find as a good replacement client for the GWClient system on Linux?

Is there a way to get a Notify type program to indicate an event or new mail is inbound and shoot a pop-up? It would be nice to have this and if possible a link to open the default browser to the WebAccess page so I could log in and check mail.

I run openSUSE at home and use the web client their so I am not against that options. Just wanting to stay productive like I am on my Windows box.

Thanks for the help.