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Thread: Mailbox very slow with direct login but ok when proxying

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    Mailbox very slow with direct login but ok when proxying

    We have a large common departmental account monitored by multiple users (yes, shared account, not shared folder). When I log in directly to the account and select a folder it can take 10-15 secs to populate the list of items. Seems to apply to nearly every folder, even those with small numbers of contents (5-30 items), not just those with many items. If I log into my own account and proxy to the shared account then the folders also get populated fairly quickly (0.5-2sec). No problem with my own folders so sounds like its specific to the other account.

    Connections are c/s only. C/s handler threads spend most of their time 0 busy with occasional bursts of activity that clear again
    Message handler and soap threads seem to remain at 0 all the time
    C/s requests pending remains at 0.
    Problem occurs running client on XP and on Windows 7 64bit.

    Have run GWCHECK to fix a few probs but problem continues. Appears to be just a problem with this one account but the key point is why the difference between direct logged-in and proxied?
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