I'm having a bunch of different problems connecting to a second OES 11 server I've added to the tree.

What I've got going here is an OES 11 server that was alone in the context (server1.ou.o) that everything works on. Then I installed a second server into that same context (server2.ou.o). As server1 continues to work fine, mapping nss and ncp volumes in the login script and being able to open the welcome page, iManager, iMonitor, and iFolder Admin pages, I'm having all kinds of problems with server2.

In XP I can map ncp volumes in the login script and initially open web pages, connectivity goes away and I can't open the drives in explorer or get the welcome page. It prompts me for authentication, but my username and PW don't work. I do have admin rights. I can see server2 but I'm unable to browse it under network in explorer.

In win7, I can't map drives in the login script, but sometimes can map them using the red N map utility. They also become unbrowsable. I can't get the welcome page to open in a browser. What's more, it seems to redirect to port 8080.

Incidently. Vibe is loaded on server2 and I can't get a login page for that on port 8443. All the appropriate ports are open on the firewall but it doesn't matter whether the firewall is started or stopped.

I don't use dns or dhcp for the servers, I only have dns servers specified for internet access. My IP's are static and I resolve server names with host files.

In iMonitor the replicas look fine, with the naster on server1 and a R/W on server2.

What am I missing here?