If I look at the sysvol share on our ADC (dsfw2) the path to the group policies has the domain twice, \\dsfw2\sysvol\internal.shcs.sa.edu.au\internal.sh cs.sa.edu.au\. This is not the case on our PDC (dsfw1), which as the correct path. I found this as for some reason dsfw2 became the primary DFS server for sysvol.

Both servers are OES11 SP1 x64 with latest updates. I found TID 7009466 which was the closest match to my problem, but the symlink in /var/opt/novell/xad/msdfs appears correct according to that TID.

I'm hopeful this this is something simple, I swear I've seen something posted about something like this before but I'll be ****ed if I can find it.