using filr appliance we are connecting to OES-servers.

Today we realized, that folders inside of net folders created by users
on the server after initial sync, will not syncronized. Filr see the
folder, because I cant create the same folder via webgui.
The other way ist working: If we create a folder inside of net folder
using the webgui, the new folder is visible in file system on the oes

In famtd.log we found these messages in some variations

Error:Trustees::ReadAttribute NWDSRead returned -603. Cant read
attribure NCS:Netware Cluster on cn=server.ou=cont.o=tree
WARNING:ProcessPropFind_AllProp:NCFsdBasicEnumDire ctory failed status:
ERROR:FAMTOperations::ProceeRequest failed unc: "unc" identity:
cn=admin.o=ekm session: bFfLMn0q4MLKWd1JhBOlnw==
ERROR:NCPOperations::ProceeRequest failed unc: "unc" identity:
cn=admin.o=tree session: bFfLMn0q4MLKWd1JhBOlnw==
ERROR:thread_handler: request processing failed
ERROR:sendStatus: sending status ret: -15
WARNING:ProcessPropFind_AllProp: Get Directory Effective Rights: "unc",
failed status = 0xc7fa0003
ERROR:NWDSMapIDToName failed ccode: 0xfffffda7
ERROR:NCPOperations::GetOwner failed

Is this a bug?


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