ZEN 11.2.3a
SLES 11(x64)

I am having VERY slow logins if the login proceeds at all. Sometimes rebooting the servers help but not everytime. Sometimes it starts working OK on its own.

Login to Workstation(Win 7 or XP) is slow as in ~15 minutes. Maybe more. Login to ZCC is problematic as well. Things have been working well until last week sometime(8-29-2013) with no system updates or other major changes. Workstation logins usually get stuck on Processing user source. Thought it was an ldap issue but other logins/resources not using zen11 are working normally(ie zen7). LDAP runs off of a novell server(NW OES) Im not sure what to look for in the log. If logins to ACC are slow then logins to workstations are generally slow as well. Sometimes logging into ZCC with a Zen only user(non LDAP) will work to get in but has problems accessing resources.

Any help would be appreciated.