Apologies if this is the wrong forum.

I've searched across the knowledge base and the forums and not found an answer.
We are required to report on login and logout activity on our network (Gov requirement). We're using eDirectory along with DSFW. I've posted in here as our user info is held in eDir.

Our SLES servers are running eDir 8.8 sp6 and sp7. On the server that holds the master replica, I've installed the eDir Instrumentation iManager plugin for auditing. However its not clear from XDASv2 what needs to be configured to audit login and logout information and how I can send that to our syslog server (Splunk) for reporting.

We have got DSMeter installed on the two remaining Netware servers, but with these being removed, I need a reliable, auditable method of reporting login and logout information.

Anyone with any experience of doing this or configuring XDAS?

Many thanks.