Sorry for asking a dumb question. We have now switched to using OES2SP3 / OES11SP1 from Netware 6.5. Still one or two 6.5 boxes to clean up/remove but they don't contain user volumes just eDirectory master servers, SLP. Okay we have helpdesk people with limited rights, I'm unsure how to proceed with LUM so that they can access the server and clear up open file links. Do I add them to the admin group that is created by default for the OES2 servers, or do create a new LUM enabled group and add them to this object then add the object to the servers. Going forward users that need ssh access, would I create a new LUM enabled group or use an existing one ? Anyone willing to share real world use of LUM?

Can you have more than one enabled LUM group assigned to OES servers ?

Hopefully I have explained correctly.