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Thread: NMAS installed but broken, how to fix?

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    NMAS installed but broken, how to fix?


    I had a user mention that his password suddenly stopped being case sensitive. I looked at his workstation (XP running client 4.9.1 SP5 IR1) and noticed the "Did you forget your password?" link was missing on the initial login screen, along with the NMAS tab when I clicked Advanced.

    The IR2 client had just become available, so the first thing I tried was installing that over the top. No change.

    I went to check the Location Profile (only Default exists) to make sure the NMAS tab is enabled. It is, but that screen also says "NMAS client version: (unknown)".

    I went to a command prompt and ran "ncc.exe -i". The response was version is installed.

    I went to Add Remove Programs and verified NMAS Client and Challenge Response Method are listed. They are. On the NMAS client I clicked the link for Support Information, and then the Repair button. No change.

    A side note, that Support Information window lists the version as But it shows that on a correctly working IR2 client, so have to assume that was just an oversight by the developers and not related to this problem.

    Anyway, I am not sure what to try next. Would doing an NMAS client trace offer any help? Are there specific files or registry keys I can compare against a working machine? Do I need to do a complete uninstall, and if so, is there a specific order to follow, and would I have to manually clean up said files or registry keys?

    Thanks for any insight,

    - Justin
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