We have an external user who received the first share email, came to the site and registered, and the system said it would send them a confirmation email. They never received it and now when they try to log in it would let them. If they click forgot password it says it says it doesn't know the email address.

I can see their account in the user list and they are listed as external. The email address is correct and I even copied and pasted it back into the profile, saved it, and enabled the profile. No matter what I do they can't log in now.

Is there a way to resend their email confirmation? I have since added other external users and they went fine so it's just this one user.

The instructions say you can't delete a user and then have them ever re-register with the system. How does that make any sense? I can understand that their data will be deleted(workspace, etc.) Do I really need to keep users around forever in a disabled state just in case we deal with them again someday. Won't the user database of local users get huge over time if I can't delete/recreate them later? Also, what about internal users with the same username on our internal GroupWise domain? Am I really going to give the old users workstpace to the new user.

Just trying to figure out how to fix this. We are just really starting to deploy Filr out to our staff and use it with external users we have relationships with so it's important for me to get this user working correctly. Thanks for any help.