Am at the client and not able to search the forums (due to them blocking something), so sorry if this is answered.

1. completely new core and edge switches (my guess on what is the issue)
2. moving to Windows 7 on HP Z220 PCs (and others)

Yes chkdisk was run on the PC then sysprepped.

This was working 4 weeks ago, then the switches were upgraded and not worked since.
Cannot send an image to the Zen server (ZDM7 or ZCM10)
Cannot pull down any image from the server.
both of the above have several different errors including segment faults.

Downloaded the newest ZCM11.2 (8/13 version) and put the gold PC in the same room as the rest of the lab.
Setup a master/slave multicast from the gold PC booted to the CD to the rest of the PCs.

They did 9 slaves last run, 3 failed (one completely locked up, one had a bad packet error, last has a network error).
Image is about 500G (ya I know, huge). Getting 6 imaged took over 1350 min.

I have another run going and trying to get the switch people to take a look at the switch configuration. Have googled this (with ZCM and with ghost in the search) and not seen anything that I can identify as "the issue"

I did an ALT-F4 and it looks like the PC is using the E1000E driver and everything is linked 1000G-full.

After 2 hours we are still at 0% even though we have seen a number of files go across (some at 370Mb).

Any help/suggestions are greatly appreciated!