I have been attempting to create a secondary domain on my gw 2012 sp 2 system and haven't been able to do it. I want to create the 2ndary domain on another server. The primary domain (the only one right now) is on a oes 11 sp 1 server (gw db stored on a linux partition not an nss volume). The server I want to create the 2ndary domain is on an oes 2 sp 2.

When I connect to the primary domain in C1 and then select the container for the 2ndard domain, enter a local directory and then enter ip address of server where 2ndary will be, and then finish, C1 just keeps processing, but never finishes.

So, I try and do it locally on the primary server, using the primary server ip address and the process never finishes.

Do I have to connect the two servers (mount a drive from the 2ndary server to the primary)???? This seems like it should be simple, but I am missing something. I have been using the TID 7002749 but never get past the first part.

Hoping someone can point out the error i am making or what I am not understanding.

Also, does the MTA have to be installed on the 2ndary server prior to creating the primary domain?