Still having issues on this OES 11sp1 box concerning LUM enabled user creating files for Apache Web Server.

New edir user created, LUM enabled with www being primary group.

Granted rights on NCP share /srv/www/htdocs to create files

After creating a test.html file and checking permissions,
shows file owner is the new user with rw rights, but the group is "root" with no access so Apache can't display the file.

before I created the user I re-read all of AB's instructions and made sure I had issued all of these commands.

chown wwwrun:www /srv/www/htdocs
chmod -R 2775 /srv/www/htdocs
chgrp -R www /srv/www/htdocs
chmod -R g+rw /srv/www/htdocs

Check the mask...

There must be a simple fix so the group owner is not root, but www. I have read and re-read every instruction and followed them precisely. I have gone outside these forums for help so as not to abuse you kind folks but it seems OES experienced users are hard to find.

Files uploaded by Joomla admin do not have these issues. They are owned by www-run WWW daemon apache with RW, and group is WWW read only.

Do any of you kind souls have any more ideas? Please? Electrical Controls Engineer I am, Linux, not at all.

I am volunteering my time for a U.S. Veterans Memorial Foundation Non Profit and I love doing it. Would really like to get their site working for them.

What am I missing?

Thank you.. all..