I was trying to ascertain the speed and duplex of the NIC in a NetWare6.5 sp7 server.
I logged into the portal (remote manager), brought up a console, loaded monitor.nlm.
Scrolled down to LAN/WAN.. there is shows the NIC.
The window above describes the parameters.
Here's the problem: normally at the console you press "tab" to switch between the two windows, but this doesn't work in the NRM.
You only wind up cycling through the various browser window components. I've tried Ctrl-Tab, Alt, up/down arrows, page up/down..
Nothing works. I cannot scroll down that top window to see the parameters I need to see!
Doesn't work in IE, nor Firefox.

I'm nervous about firing up something like inetcfg or tcpcon because I won't want to change anything by accident.
Is there some magic keypress combo? I don't have access to the physical console, the server is 65 miles away.