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Thread: ZCM 11.2.3A and bundle addon files

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    ZCM 11.2.3A and bundle addon files

    Puzzled here.

    Trying to do a Win764Pro image, and during that, add some bundle addon images as well.

    Found old threads, that said, that if the zcm agent isn't part of the base image, all you had to do was to create the zcm file structure in "Program Files (x86) with no files in them, so I gave that a shut...but no luck

    system partition is part. 1, and the actual real partition is part. 2.

    Tried to add the zcm agent directory structure to both partitions, but it's a no-go

    During imaging, it says: "Could not find an installed ZENworks agent"

    If I continue the imaging and during that install the agent, and then reboot into Imaging maintenance mode, I can use the addon images, so looks to me like the old trick with the directory structure isn't working anymore, or?

    Any hint's towards exactly what the imaging engine is looking for would be great.....Hint Shaun and his brotherhood in the back
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    Please Report back any success or failure, That way we all learn

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