Looking for some help on how to administer users from the command line with Netware 6.5.

We run many Netware 6.5 servers that are accessed both by DOS & Windows using Novell Client and eDirectory authentication. Currently we use nwadmin32.exe to administer the users but i'm looking into building a utility to allow password resets / user unlocks / add/remove expiry dates etc so i'm hoping somebody can help with me what commands i can run from cmd to achieve this?

Just to conclude I wish to perform the following actions

Remove intruder lockout
Reset password (I know I can use SETPASS for this one)
Add expiry dates and times (quite a lot of users are only allowed access to live servers for a couple of hours at a time)
Login Time restrictions
Network address restrictions
Add / remove group membership

Any help on the above would be much appreciated.