I have ran into a slight inconvenience with ZCM11 and file uploading for an application bundle. Most applications that I upload are fairly small and are "processed" quickly enough that I don't notice or remember this, but on a program upload like Adobe Master Collection there is a large amount of time between completing the "upload" process and actually being able to download and install the bundle on a workstation without cache errors. I know this is due to the content needing to be processed/compressed/encrypted/etc after being uploaded in the console.

This is fine, except there is no indication if this process is ongoing or even completed. I've had to click on the "Compute" link in the Bundle Summary every few minutes to see if the bundle size is still increasing. After 10 minutes or so without an increase to the bundle size I can assume it's ready for download and install.

So is it possible to include some kind of progress bar or even just a status indicator for file uploading and processing in the Zenworks Configuration Console?