Hello All

We have 10 NetWare servers running GW803HP3

We are going to be moving to GW2012 on OES11

Here is what I was planning and wanted to make sure is correct;

GWIA on Netware will stay live as long as possible (gwia.mycompany.com)
WEBACCESS on NetWare will stay live as long as possible
I am trying to have a coeistence of GW8 and GW2012 to allow for a steady
migration over time of users mailboxes to the new GW2012 Postoffices
This is part of an overall migration project we move depts/locations in
batches (moving from Netware File and Print to OES11 also as part of
these steps)
I hope to have at the end 5 OES11 GW2012 servers with POs GWIA and
WEBACCESS when all said and done

my steps
1) Build OES11 server into tree (no partitions) GWOES1
2) install GW803HP3 on OES11 box and setup as Secondary Domain
3) Promote the OES11 to Primary Domain
4) Upgrade OES11 box to GW2012 (the existing 10 NetWare boxes are still
NW on GW803HP3)
5) Setup GWIA (but dont activate) on OESGW1 (will be mail.mycompany.com)
6) Setup WebAccess on OESGW1 to be used for mailboxes moved to GW2012
Postoffices in the future (new web address) (webmail.mycompany.com)
5) Build a second OES11 server (OESGW2) and setup as GW2012 with
Secondary Domain and a PO

I am still using the existing GWIA and WEBACCESS on NW GW803HP3 during
this transition

6) Start moving mailboxes from the 10 NW GW803HP3 servers to the new
OES11 (OESGW2) going to do IT first for example

The people in the new gw2012 Postoffice will be asked to use the new
webaccess address setup on the gw2012 servers

BUT GWIA on Netware will still handles the in and out of all emails on
both GW8 and GW2012 postoffice

7) I will build a 3rd and so on of OES11 GW2012 servers with a secondary
domain and post office and now I have new GW2012 POs on GW2012 to move
people from GW8 POs again small groups at a time

8) I promote the gw2012 GWIA to be the new GWIA and shutdown the GW8
GWIA. I expect that the remaining POs on the GW8 will be able to send
and receive from the GW2012 GWIA

and we continue migrating until all done.

we shutdown POs and Domains on the GW8 as we have cleared them of the GW
mailboxes, resources, etc

and when all said and done we are now on GW2012

is this ok?
any suggestions?
anything i am proposing not a good idea?