Hello all: We run a few DNS servers, two in our main office and one DNS server in each of our two branch offices. When I start the DNSDHCP console, one of our branch office DNS servers shows down, but from the server console "rcnovell-named status" shows it is running. If I restart the DNS service on this server, the DNSDHCP console will show it as up. However, a few minutes later, if I restart the DNSDHCP console it will again show as down. I do not have this problem with the other three DNS servers. BTW, all servers are running OES2 SP3. Nothing in our DNS configuration has changed in the last year. Any thoughts?

Also, in the same branch office experiencing the above problem, new computers installed in the office are not registering with DNS. "ipconfig /registerdns" does not register with DNS. The computers are running XP and I do have the system setup to register to our internal DNS suffix. Any ideas on this? Are the two problems related?

Thanks for the help, Chris.